I finally decided to start a blog. Facebook just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I have too many thoughts to express in 420 character status updates. So here it is. My first entry. It’s nearly 2 am here in Minnesota, so I should head to bed. I will write my real first soon, but I had to say something more than the wordpress generated “Hello World”.


2 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. (In advance, I hope this doesn’t sound as crazy or weird as I think it might. And the only reason why this comment isn’t where it ought to be – in a MUCH more recent post of yours – is because I’d prefer to throw the hounds off the scent)

    I originally found your connection to the church you left through a certain man’s blog, and we seem to be making comments on a lot of the same sites that are actually discussing the elephant in the room. And I know we’re both former attendees who had our eyes open wide enough to leave…

    If you ever feel you’d like to talk to a fellow woman who got out, is trying to sort through what went wrong, and is working to understand and straighten out her own theology and line it up with who Jesus truly is as she moves onward and upward with the rest of her family (and who is a fellow transplant into MN!) … I guess, just feel free to say hello. –Though believe me, I completely understand if moving on for you may look like, “Thanks, but leave me the heck alone, please.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    In all seriousness, regardless of me posting this, I hope that you and yours are indeed moving onward and upward.

    1. Totally get it. It always seems to me there should be a private message option here. I think that it would be great to connect. You can email me at at which point I will disclose my real name. Hahaha. Be well! Also, I never clicked your name to realize you have a blog! I will have to check it out…later bc I’m working ๐Ÿ™‚

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