You know you live in Minnesota when 25 degrees is warm…

Sunday morning we began to emerge from those horrid sub-zero temps.  We went to church and I was amazed at how many people were wearing only down vests or wind breakers.  Later that day, I had to bring my daughter to a friend’s house and I decided I would  try only wearing my vest. Heck, if they can do it so can I. BAD IDEA.  Before I made it into my car I was freezing!

Today I worked at the University of Minnesota.  The 8 block walk from my parking lot to my building is usually unbearable, especially when the windchill dips, but at 25 degrees and with no wind, it was not so bad.  On the way out of work I wore my winter hat (which they call a stocking cap here) and my scarf and gloves, but I decided to not put my big furry hood up.  Oh yeah, I’m tough.  I don’t need no stinkin hood.  I was feeling pretty good about myself until I crossed the street and there was a guy in a short-sleeved polo shirt and jeans…Clearly he was thinking spring had arrived.  These Minnesotans are a hardy bunch.  I’m pretty convinced that through some process of natural selection they are genetically programmed to deal with the cold.  See, it’s not my fault I don’t like winter.  I have tropical blood running through my veins! (My dad is from Puerto Rico.)


4 thoughts on “You know you live in Minnesota when 25 degrees is warm…”

  1. Nicole–NOW this all makes perfect sense. You have tropical blood in your veins! Isn’t it liberating not wearing your fur hood? Sometimes it’s just those little things. I totally love reading your posts!! My mom transplanted here as an adult and she just kept having children in order make it through. Keep the posts coming and save them…maybe you can publish a book in the future. I know it would be a best seller.

  2. It’s hard to live somewhere your body doesn’t want to become acclimated to. I had the same trouble living in the south (South Carolina and Georgia). It’s too hot for my blood in those climates. The cold, on the other hand, rarely bothers me. (I’m told that will change as I get older.)

    When it gets above freezing, I’m almost ready for shorts. lol!

  3. People here do the same thng! We get so used to it being in negative and single digits, that when it hits the 20’s and 30’s, the jackets all come off! Not mine, of course, I am always cold. I agree, though, some people are just built for the cold, the rest of us belong in the tropics 🙂

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