2/5 winter is done…

I have read several people’s facebook entries and blog entries today, many of which are singing praises because January is behind us and winter is on its way out.  Most of these people don’t live here in Minnesota though.  I feel like if I lived in a place where January really was near the end of winter, I’d be rejoicing too.  But here in Minnesota, we have more snowy months ahead than behind us.  Our ice out day(the day when the lakes turn this weird shade of blue and the ice suddenly disappears) is not usually til mid-April. The thought of nearly three more months of snow and ice and cold and bad roads is almost more than I can wrap my mind around.  It’s about this time every year that I have the daily thought of jumping in the car with hubby, the dogs, and the kids and driving to greener pastures and never coming back.  It really is a daily battle for me.  So, I think that will be the first criteria on my list for the new place we are headed.  Winter has to be almost over by the time we tuck January behind us.


4 thoughts on “2/5 winter is done…”

  1. You’re overplaying it. In actuality, we only have one more month of “snow and ice and cold and bad roads”-type winter, maybe only two or three weeks.

    Here’s my field guide to the final weeks of winter, packaged neatly into 12 steps to help break your habit of Winter Complaining:

    1. We don’t emerge from some cold, dark pit on May 1st.
    2. In March, it will rain and the snow will melt.
    3. You’ll get your first whiff of April.
    4. Then it will snow again, usually one good one with a couple of four-inchers on the side.
    5. This is to be expected; it is, after all, still winter.
    6. It will all melt within a week.
    7. Then, before March is over, we’ll hit our first 50 degree day,
    8. Maybe even 60.
    9. This will carry over into the first week of April when,
    10. Just to remind us what we’re leaving behind and make us appreciate even more the fair weather which we are about to experience, Mother Nature will bring one more “nuisance” snow – usually a couple of inches – before we
    11. Coast slowly but surely into true spring weather, which arrives about the third week of April.
    12. So, in this purely off-the-cuff historical analysis from my decade-old memories of living in Minnesota, February 1 is about as much of an “it’s all downhill from here” moment as anywhere else.

    You also seem to forget the WONDROUS spring with which we were blessed just last year. It stopped snowing on February 28. We spent the entire month of March snow-free and in the 40s and 50s, even hitting the 70s by the end of the month. April remained exclusively in the 60s and 70s, and May followed suit until about the third week, when hot sweaty summer arrived. Even after summer faded, it remained in the 50s and 60s most of September and October, even hitting 70 a few days before the first snow fell. Almost nine months without snow and cold is a pretty tough thing to overlook almost anyplace, even more so in Minnesota. Count your blessings.

    The glass is half-full. You are weeks – just WEEKS! – away from rebirth. Don’t give up now. The hardest part is behind you.

    I’m going to re-state your count in “actual” winter terms: 6 out of 8. Mid-December to mid-February is what I would classify as Harsh Minnesota Winter. The weeks of winter weather abutting these eight weeks are not unique and you’ll find them grazing almost any “greener pasture” to which you’ll head. In these terms, you are six weeks through the eight-week period of Harsh Minnesota Winter. After that we – and, more specifically, your sanity – will begin to thaw.

    Put another way: by the end of February, you’ll be about six weeks from your first 80-degree day, and eight from the month of May. :o)

    1. Ian-you are believeing the propaganda! My first winter here it snowed the first and last weeks of April! I have pics to prove it. It also didn’t hit 40 til then. Last year was the first year we didn’t get snow in March, Minnesota’s second snowiest month-and that was considered HISTORIC. While all the tulips and things are popping up around the country in March, we can’t see our ground til then and wait a good 4 extra weeks for things to start coming up. Perhaps our problem is in how we define a winter month and how we define a spring month.By normal, non-upper-midwestern standards, March has all the qualities of a winter month, not a spring month. Believe me, don’t you think I’d love to shout it from thre roof tops if March was spring not winter? It isn’t, only in the propaganda believing view. A warm day in March doesn’t make it spring. Occasionally, in NJ you get a warm day in January, but we wouldn’t call January spring because of it.

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