Come now and let’s fight about the weather…

I don’t like arguing with Minnesotans and Minnesota-lovers about the weather.  There is no winning the argument.  I should just end it with “You know what, you’re right, I’m wrong.  Minnesota really is the best place on earth.  I was silly not to see it before.”  Good grief.  I grew up with people telling me I lived in the armpit of America.  It never bothered me.  I didn’t agree with them, but I didn’t feel the need to defend my state.  They weren’t calling me the armpit of America. I have already established that I don’t plan to live here forever. It’s nothing personal, I just wanna live somewhere else.  But really, after my last post I had to chime in about when spring begins in Minnesota.  The delusional thinking has got to end.

Spring does not start until at least mid-April in Minnesota.  I am not talking about the by-the-calendar, psychological, let’s-tell-ourselves-it’s-spring kind of spring, I am talking about spring according to the weather.  In Minnesota, “Traditional spring months in other parts of the country, like March, are mostly below freezing.” In most parts of the country, March gives you a fabulous little taste of spring, and by April you are feasting on springness.  In Minnesota, March is still snowy and cold and April is more like March in other parts of the country, characterized by an unpredictability of the weather. By May you can definitely count on it to be warm, though I have had to use my frost blankets to cover my gardens in May on occasion.  This is not just my opinion.  Go ahead, google “When does spring start in Minnesota?” You’ll find a fabulous trail of forums, blogs, etc, all saying generally the same thing-And here’s a few for you.

“Nothing worse than March in Minnesota. By that month you’re ready to climb the walls from the endless, tundra-like cold winter. March teases you. A little warm spell and then a snow storm followed by more cold. April is the same, but the warm spells are better. It really takes the month of April to drain out the cold air from Canada. Minnesota is the drain…”

Read more:

“Iceout. That’s when spring begins. Mid April for most places.”

Read more:

“For south MN usually in April.
For north MN it could be much later because a frost or freeze could be possible in May or June.”

Read more:

“Spring begins around Memorial Day.
Summer is the first couple weeks in July.
Fall is Labor Day weekend.
Winter is all the rest

Read more:

“Here’s my own emotional “Mental Map” of the seasons:

Jan 1-21 Real winter, but holiday after-glow and superbowl keeps you occupied, plus you expected it.
Jan 22 Statistical coldest day of the year
Jan 23 – late February: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Bleach!!!!
late February – mid March: Less Ouch, more Bleach!!! Oh look! 15 inches of snow!
mid March – mid April: More snow … or is it slush? Look! Daylight!!
mid April – early May: Hey!! Grass!!!! No, don’t step on it.
May: Boss, can I have the month off?
June: I am so happy I just can’t believe it!
July: Um … gettin’ kinda hot out. *swats mosquito*
August: Looking forward to work so I can be in a/c for 8 hours
September: the “other” happy month. And everyone’s back in school so there’s no crowd!
October: wonderful day for a walk among the falling leaves, have a cup of cider.
November: No … not again *dread*
Late November – New Years: Yes, I know its cold outside but at least no one’s playing “Jingle Bell Rock”!

Read more:

“The winter is dragging on and on. It’s cold and it’s gray and it’s miserable. When is spring going to start?It can’t come soon enough, right? Spring in Minneapolis and St. Paul is often frustratingly slow to arrive. Traditional spring months in other parts of the country, like March, are mostly below freezing. (emphasis mine)

April is usually the first month to have tantalizingly warm days. The weather is very unpredictable. In mid April you could be wearing shorts, or it could be snowing.

By late April or early May, it’s usually spring for sure, and by late May it’s summer. Then we shall all be complaining it’s too hot and too humid and dang these mosquitoes. But at least the snow is gone, right?”


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