Turquoise waves, khaki sand, brown-black dirt, multiple variations of green as a new cycle of life begins, blue sky, red and yellow tulips screaming out to be noticed. This is beauty. White is like a coloring page untouched, waiting, blank. White leaves me waiting, wanting, longing. Desperate to see anything but the grey, white, neutrals of the winter landscape. If you cannot understand me, that is fine. I experience it differently. Come, walk beside me and try to understand. Try to feel what it is like to long for color and I will try to see the beauty where you see it.


3 thoughts on “White”

  1. I understand the longing for color. That’s why I spend time at the botanical garden in their indoor garden or spend time sorting through all the photos on my hard drive, maybe having a few printed just so I can enjoy some brightness and color.

    This time of year is when I usually fall into a funk over winter, having had enough. The outdoor challenge seems to have changed that for me, at least for now. We’ll see how I feel about it by the end of February, the longest shortest month of the year.

  2. That is a good idea. There is a conservatory in St. Paul. Maybe I should make a trip!

    I love how you call February the longest shortest month of the year! So true!

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