Forget the snips and snails, just give me the Puppy-Dog Tails…

I love food. Actually, I love eating food that is prepared for me by someone else. I especially love sweets.  Ice cream, Italian ice, doughnuts, pastries.  The things I remember most about any location are things I have eaten there.  We are traveling to New Jersey soon and the whole trip is really about what we will eat when we are there.

The suburbs of Minneapolis are not that varied in what they offer to eat.  There are mostly chains around us, so we have had to go searching for good eats, which are usually found closer to the city.  When my brother came to visit me about a year ago, he introduced me to Isles Bun and Coffee in Minneapolis. (I should mention he lived in Minneapolis for seven years before I moved here.)

It is this adorable little shop, with barely enough room for people to stand in line and order.  Parking is limited to the street, though we have never had a time when we couldn’t find a spot.  But the baked goods that they produce are some of the best I have had anywhere, and trust me, wherever I go I search for yummy sweets.   They make all sorts of cinnamon rolls and muffins, but my favorite is one called a puppy-dog tail.

Puppy-dog tails are served by the dozen, and are basically twists of dough iced with cream cheese icing.  There is a giant bucket of icing at the coffee prep station in the shop. They have little cups so that you can grab extra icing to take with you because honestly you can never have too much.  They are best served warm so that the icing can goo a bit.  We usually call ahead and ask them to prep them fresh for us, which they do happily.  It is absolutely impossible for us to eat just one.  We usually go to Isles Bun and Coffee in the warmer months because then we can sit outside at these umbrella tables and soak up the energy of the street while enjoying a party in our mouths.

I went to Cub today and grabbed some doughnuts for the fam.  I tried a Danish doughnut covered in sugar.  It was delightful and sort of reminded me of my beloved tails.  The air is warmish feeling (It’s 19 but with no wind) and I was reminded that in fact spring will come and puppy-dog tails are in my future, and that is one very bright and yummy spot of life in Minny.


6 thoughts on “Forget the snips and snails, just give me the Puppy-Dog Tails…”

  1. Oh, my. This is one of our neighborhood favorites. On summer Saturday mornings, before it gets too hot, Joanna and I will walk down to Isles Bun and split a caramel pecan roll the size of my face. Then we’ll walk down to the lake and sit on a park bench and watch the water and cram our caramel-roll-sized faces with said caramel roll. They are sooooo goooood. They’ve got great coffee, too.

    1. I think we usually just bring our coffee because we figured it wouldn’t be any good, but since I trust your taste in coffee we’ll definitely try it next time.

      1. I believe they get their coffee from Coffee & Tea Ltd, which is my FAVORITE local roaster. (If you ever get a chance to get down to the Linden Hills neighborhood, pick up a pound of 5-Star French Roast or Italian French Roast… you won’t be disappointed!) I believe they brew the 5-Star as their “French Roast” and they’ve got a couple other options as well. It’s one of the few places that they brew it strong enough for me. It’s still maybe not *quite* as strong as I might brew it myself, but that might be too thick for most people! I’ll say it’s one of the few establishments where the coffee is well-matched to the food.

      2. Funny you mentioned Linden Hills-I LOVE it there. I know it’s really rich but the center of town is great. My kids adore Wild Rumpus Book Store-you’ll love taking your little one there some day! And of course the ice cream. I have not tried the Coffee and Tea place-how did I miss it? I’ll have to try it on one of my jaunts this summer. I go there just to spend the afternoon sometimes. I love the feel of it there, despite the fact that I could never afford to live there! Maybe someday when I have my PhD-IF I am still in this state, which is a very small *if*. I actually had planned to blog about Linden Hills-it’s definitely another bright spot of MPLS!

  2. So, after reading this, I was in the cities last weekend, and told my family that we should try this place. We nearly missed it, even though we were looking for it. You were so right about the puppy dog tails, and others in our group tried the pecan roll. Everyone loved it! I had to explain several times that I found out about it online.
    The coffee was amazing as well.
    Thanks for the tip.

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