Through the gateway to thirty-something…

A friend of mine is soon turning 30 and the other day she wrote as her facebook status, “Only four more days left in my 20’s”.  I thought about how she might be feeling right now. I remember feeling like turning 30 was such a momentous occasion, like crossing through some gateway to the other side, the “old” side.  But the moment I turned 30, (and I actually took a picture of the clock at the exact time of my birth on my 30th birthday) the world didn’t stop turning. My heart was still beating, the kids were still crazy, life just kept on moving forward.

"The Moment"

The Moment-9:26 am, 7/2/2006

I think I spent most of my teens waiting to be 18, and then of course 21.  After 21, it was “Holy cow, I’m going to be 25”.  And then it was the BIG one-30.  But having come through the gateway, and being a few years on the other side, I realize how little I think about my age now.  Most times, when I need to tell someone how old I am or when I need to write it down, I actually have to pause and think about it.  I lose track because it honestly doesn’t cross my mind very often. I never know how old my husband is, I always have to figure it out.

That is the beauty of being over 30. You kind of realize what people have said all along, but you couldn’t believe when you were in your age-obsessed 20’s: Age doesn’t matter. After 30 you realize we’re all just grown-ups, working, raising families, living life.  I have friends who range in age from 20 something to 60 something.  And it doesn’t phase me. They all have life wisdom to share and stories to tell. My friends who are in their late thirties and forties are more beautiful than I ever thought you could be when you were that “old”, and the guys are mostly padded and happy and not so arrogant anymore.  Yeah, thirty-something is a beautiful thing.  It’s the age where you are freed from the worry of the next number and able to think about more important things, because you realize how little the numbers matter anyway. After 30 I realized I won’t pass by this moment again, I’d better make it count. So take heart my friend, and enjoy the blessing of crossing over to the thirty-something club.  I’m certain you’ll like it.

“Through the gateway”

Through the gateway...



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