Follow Me to the Jersey Shore: 817 miles later…

Off we go!

Well, we started our day at 4:00 AM. All the kids got out of bed nice and quick and we were on the road by 5:15, which is pretty impressive for us because we often don’t get out til 9:00, even when our intentions are to leave at 5! A quick trip to the gas station for fuel and…gulp…coffee and we were on our way!

Looking sleepy at 5:30 AM! No road trip starts right without a bad cup of gas station coffee.
Chris embarassed to be drinking his gas station coffee…Starbucks SNOB!

We hit some dicey weather in Wisconsin, nearly got smooshed by a semi, drove through slush and ice and eventually rain. We didn’t hit traffic near Chicago, which was unusual because Chicago is often a nightmare to get around. We didn’t run out of gas in Gary, Indiana, like we did the last time…CHRIS! And, we remembered to eat early in Ohio, because once you pass a certain point THERE IS NOTHING for miles! I did nearly reach a point of no return with boredom by the end of the trip, but it was pure bliss when we arrived at our hotel at 10 PM.  (Thank you to my texting buddies who tolerated my incessant texts to get through those last few hours!)

Snow started falling in Wisconsin

The kids were great and did their own thing the whole time.  They are experts at road-trips. We have trained them from a very early age on how to do a road trip without whining! And we are reaping what we have sown!

The food experiences today were typical, but we did make one pit stop in Monona, WI where we bought Sprecher Gourmet Soda. We always like to try local products.  We got three flavors: Root Beer, Orange Dream, and Cherry Cola.  We haven’t tried the Root Beer yet, but if you like creamsicle flavor, the Orange Dream was dreamy, fer sher, and made without high fructose corn syrup.  The Cherry Cola, made with real Door County cherry juice (Door County is a super popular Wisconsin tourist area) was delicious. It did have high fructose corn syrup, but was absolutely a cherry cola wonder and even got a thumbs up from Chris, who doesn’t generally like flavored colas.

Sprecher Gourmet Soda from Wisconsin
Giving the Cherry Cola a whirl
Thumbs up from the Soda Guy
My turn to drive-I usually do more driving, but today I got chauffeured around. And, by the way, I only wear glasses when I drive at night on highways or in bad weather.

Tomorrow, we set off to conquer Pennsylvania. 400 miles to go and at the end we will be rewarded with East Coast delicacies and I will share them with you as best I can through my pictures!


3 thoughts on “Follow Me to the Jersey Shore: 817 miles later…”

  1. Are you there yet? Be glad you’re not here (although Wisconsin was prolly some crazy driving yesterday!) say hi to the Atlantic for me!

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