Follow Me to the Jersey Shore: Family, Friends, and Foldable Pizza…

Decked out in Twins gear for our arrival at home!

We finally arrived in NJ, all decked out in Minnesota Twins gear.  Our family and friends are mostly Yankees fans and are horrified that we decided to jump ship and root for the Twins. So, we decided to harass them a little.  We got several comments, the best of which was “What, do you all have stupid Twins shirts?”

Chris’s old stomping grounds…

Shortly after arriving at Chris’s mom’s house in Brick, NJ, we headed to Risden’s beach in Point Pleasant for pizza. We chose Risden’s because that is where Chris worked as a teen, so it has some sentimental value for him.  The beach was a little chilly, but still delightful. It is always a great joy to go back to the ocean.  When you grow up here, the ocean becomes a part of you. So going back is like visiting an old and dear friend, one who never changes, and is always there to bring you happiness. The smell of the salt air, the gathering of friends and family, the menu of amazingly good pizza, all against the backdrop of the sound of rolling waves made for quite a lovely evening. I will be doing a full pizza blogpost later in the week, so I won’t get into detail right here, but let me just say that the pizza we consumed, from PJ’s in Brick, was fabulous! And of course, we FOLDED our slices…

Our little Jersey Girl has been well trained and hasn’t forgotten how to eat it right!
White pie

It was a great ending to a terrific day. It was awesome to be with people who really know us and whom we really know. We shared some side-splitting laughter and it felt so good to laugh with them. Perhaps because we have laughed together so much before, but whatever the reason, it was effortless fun.


2 thoughts on “Follow Me to the Jersey Shore: Family, Friends, and Foldable Pizza…”

  1. I’ve lived away from where I grew up in NJ for longer than I lived there, yet I still think of it as home. I guess there’s just something about being a Jersey Girl.

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