Follow me to the Jersey Shore: There’s a cowgirl behind the wheel…

On the road again!

We woke up near Youngstown, OH and had about 459 miles ahead of us, most of which were in Pennsylvania. We woke up late but were able to make it on the road by 7:30 AM.  Of course we started the day with Dunkin Donuts Coffee, perfect road trip fare.  When you get to the drive thru, you say “I’ll have a large coffee, light and sweet.” and they know just how to fix it! Then of course, all the sugar and cream is on the bottom, so you cover the sip hole with a napkin and give it a shake.  Ahhh, sweet, creamy wonderfulness!

Chris doing the Dunkin coffee shake
Pretty happy with my first cup of Dunkin for this trip! It was sooooo good.

This was my day to drive a long stretch, and I wound up bringing us all the way home. It was a perfect day for driving.  The sun got brighter and the air warmer as we headed east. There was no weather, no wind, and at times I saw my speedometer easily creep to 90, at which point I would promptly slow down, but I share that to illustrate how easy the driving was! Chris was nervous the whole time because he calls me a cowgirl  and says I drive too fast on the highway for his taste! I am actually an excellent driver, but I like to keep up with traffic, which out here is usually going 75 or 80. And we made it to Jersey before 4 PM, so in the end, I know he was secretly glad I was at the wheel.

The food highlight of our second day of driving was a stop at a Roy Rogers on the highway. Roy’s, as we affectionately call it, is a chicken and roast beef sandwich place that used to be much more common in New Jersey, but now is mainly found along the highways at rest stops. I love, love, love their fried chicken. It is not too crunchy, not too peppery and is served with a delicious, southern-style biscuit. Yes, Roy’s is always on the list of must haves when we head east.

Always a must…
Bridge to NJ over the Delaware River

We got to the PA New Jersey Border just before 3 PM, at which point we blasted some ghetto booty music, as a friend in MN so affectionately calls it and had a dance party in the car. I will blog more later about our first evening of family, fun and foldable pizza later today!

Welcome HOME!
New Jersey-the land of awesome food and LOTS of traffic! This is the NJ Turnpike.

2 thoughts on “Follow me to the Jersey Shore: There’s a cowgirl behind the wheel…”

  1. Looks like you took what we call the southern route (the PA and Jersey turnpikes). We usually go across I-80 (you can get on there near Youngstown) and then go south through State College, PA to Harrisburg where we hook up with the turnpike.

    I think I saw something about pizza you can fold coming up. I’m afraid to look (I’ll end up drooling). That’s one of the things I always look forward to when going back to NJ.

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