Change of Direction

That's my city, our city...

Well, I know I have largely let this blog go dark. But it is not without reason. MN in my Rearview was a perfectly timed vent in my life. I started it in the dead of winter, when I was at the end of my rope with Minnesota, the weather, boredom. And so I blogged to all of you my sorrows in living here, the struggles I have had in adjusting, my gripes about the weather.  But then, spring came. The funny thing though, is that it wasn’t just seasonal spring. I feel like spring came to my life in Minnesota. After 3 years of winter-difficult, depressing, lonely winter, spring came. I stopped complaining and started embracing life and living it as I felt hope return to my spirit. I started seeing the people that have been put in my life and reaching out to them. One friend has described it as, “You have opened your heart up to people.” Yes, I guess I have. And in doing so, I have opened my heart to Minnesota.

And so MN in My Rearview no longer represents me. I no longer want Minnesota in my rearview mirror. I kind of like it through my windshield, specifically Minneapolis. It has become my city. I want to get to know every nook and cranny. Every good slice of pizza (and they do exist, with some searching), every worthwhile cup of coffee, every cool and different cultural event. I want to know and love the Twins, even when they lose. Yes, I like it here. And I am even willing to try liking winter and embracing, maybe someday loving, the snow. Afterall, when your perspective changes and you stop navel-gazing, anything is possible, even winter-love.

So, I am changing the name of my blog. While MN in My Rearview was funny and snarky, it is no longer accurate. So, the new name will be Minneapolis Through My Windshield. I have found a place here. I have begun constructing a life here and I plan to stick around for a while, although this will not be my final destination. That honor belongs to Portland, Oregon, my most favorite city that I have visited, but that’s a whole other blog post.


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