Sometimes we drive each other nutty, but this guy really loves me…

me and chris 3

Our anniversary is coming up this Saturday. It will be 17 years. That’s a pretty long time. I like to think of myself as young-ish, but 17 years married starts to make that a less convincing argument. I think about the Hubs and where we have been. It hasn’t been a dream, full of wonderment. Marriage is not a fairy tale. Let me say that again…Marriage is NOT a fairy tale.  Our marriage is NOT a fairy tale. Sometimes I don’t know how any marriages last. It’s often a bit of a Gong Show, but we are still here, hanging on,  and experiencing an upswing right now, which is nice.

Here’s the thing:  he still  loves me, after all this time. I am still first. Not even his comic books have surpassed me…yet. I never wonder if he still loves me, I just know it. I am not an easy one to love. I know you must find that difficult to believe, Reader, but it is true 🙂 I am strong-willed and opinionated. I have a really horrid temper and mornings make me grumpy. I am wildly jealous and territorial. And yet, this guy loves me. Not only does he love me, he likes me. He really, really likes me. He thinks I am funny and cute. He sees my wild swings of emotion as side effects of my passion. He finds my jealousy and territoriality (is that a word?) charming. I have never, ever felt like I had to apologize for being me. He accepts me just as I am.

Hubs is steady. Level. Calm. Content. Loyal. He is everything I need in a life partner. And he makes me laugh til I need my inhaler (I have asthma). That is a most excellent quality. He is better than me and he loves me better than I love. I am not sure what I ever did to deserve to be loved in such a way.  My conclusion is that I did nothing. Not everyone finds someone who loves them in  this way, or who doesn’t get bored with them. I got lucky. I picked a Really. Good. Egg.

He tells me often that he hopes our kids turn out like me, but Hubs, I think we make a pretty fine combination. My Mallard Duck, or My Golden Eagle (did I tell you they pick a life partner too?) I am so very glad to be going through this journey with you. I hope you can tolerate me for a really long time, but if not, I’ll just kick your butt.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes we drive each other nutty, but this guy really loves me…”

  1. MPLS,

    Sorry to muck up your beautiful Anniversary post but I don’t know another way to leave you a comment:

    Would you be willing to visit the Thou Art the Man blog and review a recent (today) comment by BillyBo? You may or may not be able to attest to its veracity. I’m not asking you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I don’t expect you to leave a public comment if you don’t want to. It’s just that, I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more cynical about Reformed theology in general and this church in specific but……just wow! Please let me know your thoughts if you’re willing to read it.

    And…..happy anniversary to you and your husband!

    1. I read the post. I did not have any experiences like that. I never knew of anyone not being allowed to leave but we were in a pseudo leadership position (not eldership) so maybe our experiences were different? I never heard speak of dissension either. I was a dissenter and they never came to me on it. So, no I did not have these experiences. I am not saying these are not true experiences, but they were not ones that I witnessed.

  2. Also, I never knew Bob to throw tantrums. He was always gentle to me and I openly disagreed with him in some of our private conversations. Again, I do not in anyway want to imply that those things are not true, but only that they were not things that I experienced.

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