Oh how I love Not-Winter!

We are currently experiencing a new season in Minnesota. I call it Not-Winter. It isn’t late enough or warm enough to be spring, and yet the grass is showing; the temps have come up; the sounds of dripping water can be heard near and far; hope is in the air!

You must understand that winters in Minnesota are generally brutal. BRUTAL. Even this year, it started snowing in early November. Usually, at this point in the season, we are buried under at least a foot of snowpack and any ventures outdoors require hats and gloves and scarves and as little exposed skin as possible. Not this year! I haven’t worn a hat in at least a week and gloves even longer.

Now, I am not deceived. I know it isn’t really over. I know my beautiful, hopeful, spring-indicating dirt will be covered again by snow, but this extended break has made this winter so much more bearable.

It’s Not-Winter! And it might be my favorite Minnesota season ever!

Not-Winter, 2015


4 thoughts on “Oh how I love Not-Winter!”

  1. Having a month off from winter in January is definitely going to make this year more bearable! I know our historically most snowy month is still ahead, but these temps give me hope that we’ll all get through it.

  2. You commented on my blog and I’m so glad to have discovered yours! We have a lot in common. I also grew up in NJ (Rutgers 1992) and moved to MN, where my parents grew up, and although I like it here overall I hate the insularity and the winters. I also have a PhD from the U of M and a kid who’s about to go to middle school. I’ve been working on a novel and haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ll definitely follow yours…. 🙂

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