Why a blog?

Why a blog now?

After venting for a bit about life in Minnesota, I changed direction. So, this blog is now just a place to record my thoughts as I live out life here on the tundra.





6 thoughts on “Why a blog?”

  1. I’m Minnesotan. A lifer. Sorry that you are having a bad time of things. We take a little while to get used to. Well, maybe you’ll never get used to us.
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I’ll check in on you to see how you are handling things.

  2. I admire you and your husband for taking a risk. You will never regret it. I was born and raised in West Texas and after 44 years we are relocating to Charleston, S.C. I love West Texas for it’s sunny climate, but it’s dust storms are legendary. When we decided to relocate, we talked about the mountains of New Mexico, but like you…I couldn’t stand the thought of having to dress in layers for the entire year. We then talked about Austin, but the humidity and heat in the summers is oppressive. Everything we’ve read about puts Charleston in a positive light. Maybe we can meet you someday! Wouldn’t that be cool? I think it would!

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