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The Road

It is like a moving sidewalk.
It moves us.
Whether by our own strength or not,
It moves us forward,
away from things we have known,
from joys,
from sorrows.
We are moved.
Pushed forward by time.
We are powerless to stop it.
Life moves us forward,
Our only recourse to set our eyes ahead and move with it.
But sometimes,
Every now and again,
I let myself look back
to feel those joys and sorrows once more.
I stretch my fingers to touch them,
just for a moment,
before time inexorably moves me further from them,
Pushing me down the road.
Forcing me ahead.




my senses have been dulled by the cold melancholy that lurked outside my door, eventually finding its way in.

despite my best efforts, the battle was lost.

but spring comes, swooping in to rescue me, with its ropes of sunshine and cool, calm breezes that carry me outdoors,

awakening me from winter’s stupor.

One last springtime snowman-spring 2009

Spring Haiku


Snow is melting now.

Spring waits to burst from the ground.

Sleeping tulips wake!

Our little ones planted these with us the first October we were living in Minnesota. Just before the ground froze we rushed to get the bulbs in, so we would have an early treat in the spring.

Spring surprise

When the snow finally melts, I go to the garden and search for the leaves poking out from the ground. It’s the tulips that assure me that I have made it through another winter.

Our little gardeners

Soon my friends, soon our world will be filled with green! Just a little longer!


Turquoise waves, khaki sand, brown-black dirt, multiple variations of green as a new cycle of life begins, blue sky, red and yellow tulips screaming out to be noticed. This is beauty. White is like a coloring page untouched, waiting, blank. White leaves me waiting, wanting, longing. Desperate to see anything but the grey, white, neutrals of the winter landscape. If you cannot understand me, that is fine. I experience it differently. Come, walk beside me and try to understand. Try to feel what it is like to long for color and I will try to see the beauty where you see it.